About Us

Our brand is about ensuring you lead the healthiest life possible. We want to help you feel relaxed, decrease your stress and make you feel amazing.

Using TENS technology, we strive to offer you the best massage experience possible wherever and whenever you desire.

Neck issues are becoming more common. We are often hunched over at our computers and steering wheels, using our smartphones or experiencing neck strain from fitness related activities. As a result, our neck health starts to deteriorate leading to more issues over time.

Our Why

You could spend thousands of dollars on masseuses and chiropractors, but over time these expenses add up. It's not sustainable for many people and these services are often not at your disposal. For those looking for an alternative, our product fills the gap between cost effectiveness and convenience. Unwind™ Soothing Neck Massager is always there when you need it, right by your side. That's our "why".


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